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The scene is a congested Third World country inner city street. It is polluted; thick with smoke fumes. Household rubbish is piled up on the edges of the street. The tropical sun mercilessly bakes busy walking passers-by with skin grilling temperatures.


It is 8AM. Huddled in a stupor on steps against a dirty wall on one end of the street, on a flattened cardboard box used as a makeshift bed, are two dirty muddied young boys – perhaps aged four and seven, huddled to-gether. They have seldom experienced the brace of a warm cleansing shower. Both are clothed in a torn loose-fitting T-shirts and ripped open shorts picked up from some rubbish bin. Their bare feet are cut in several places for want of shoes. Later during the day, the elder boy’s dirty hand reaches out to ignoring passers-by hoping for a few left-over coins they could spare and that could buy some crumbs of food – anything to stop the nagging pain they ex-perience daily. It is pain that howls deep from remorseless, growling and empty stomachs. This is their life.





It is a familiar real-life scene, one repeated daily from dawn to dusk for this forgotten and overlooked street children. Now, we ask you to wonder for a moment. Would you ever let this scene of abject poverty visit upon your own sons or daughters? We think not.


The elder boy is too occupied begging just to survive a day at a time to allow him the luxury of contemplating another imagined life that exists only in tormented dreams at night. For these young and forgotten ones, dreams are just dreams. It is the same for thousands just like them.


The passers-by have no time, even if for but a moment, to stand back and have a good closer look. They are too busy living their complicated lives to care or bestow a small blessing or gesture that might make a difference. The boys are not part of their lives.


Why is this so? For most of us, we’ve learned to make a living, but not a life. We do larger things, but not better things. We plan more, accomplish less. We buy more, but enjoy less. We multiply our possessions, but reduce our values. We talk too much, but love too seldom. These are the times of inflated egos, small characters and shallow relationships. By leading our busy self-engrossed lives, we’ve lost the ability to feel compassion for others, to care and to give of ourselves.


It is a situation illustrating a stark reality about the more fortunate of us. Many of us have become so over-programmed and over-scheduled that we don’t even bother to make time to help those around us who are in need. We don’t have time to reach down our pocket and give the coin, provide the thirsty a cup of water or the hurting an embrace of compassion.


Whether you realize it or not, there are very young people around us in this world who are suffering alone, who need just one person to care. In the middle of the noise of our lives, we often miss their cries amidst us, but they are right under our noses. Many slip by quietly unnoticed into their pain, forgotten as if they don’t exist. But they are there.




The Pinoy Street Children and Orphans Trust (SCOT) can assist you to give the chance to make a positive difference. The Trust exists to give a voice to the many innocent and forgotten children who have become invisible like the two young boys above to be heard in a noisy and busy adult world. So, we tell their stories and speak up on their behalf so that they may be noticed – abandoned street children and orphans, the vulnerable and overlooked ones of this world.


The voices of these children are heard from three angles: Testimonies  from the children’s brothers, sisters or parents (if they still have them) and from extended family members or care givers; Observations from bystanders, onlookers, family friends or neighbours; and, from the very mouths of street children and orphans themselves willing to share their own compelling personal stories of heartache, the oppressive pressures of poverty and survival on city streets.




The SCOT Trust has a vision to empower street children and orphans in the Philippines as well as those in New Zealand to live life more abundantly. It strives to ear-nestly move them away from a meagre and denigrated existence focused daily on survival, towards a life of sig-nificance. Our mission is to be a platform – a catalyst that removes barriers by breaking the cycle of poverty so that these children’s lives are positively transformed. We aim to make a bold and lasting stand against the pervasive disadvantages and poverty these children experience daily, saying that enough is enough. It may only be a drop in an ocean of impoverishment but the stand is a start. And it begins with one child at a time.




As you read this Welcome message and the pages that will follow on this community website as it is built over time, we will endeavour to tell you the individual stories of these children – how they live and sadly at times, how they die. Then, you decide if the vision of SCOT Trust is all but worth supporting.


We humbly admit that we cannot do this alone. The SCOT Trust needs your help. It offers you an op-portunity to move from being just a spectator to looking at child poverty squarely in the eye saying, “What can I do if I become a partner against this injustice? How can I contribute to the effort?”


Poverty flogs children harder than adults. When adults become ill; children die.  When adults go hun-gry; children starve.  When adults are jobless; children beg.


Thank you for taking some time to visit the SCOT Trust community website. We encourage you to visit us often and read the stories to learn more. Together we can do much more. Welcome! 


SCOT Trust New Zealand | Welcome Page



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