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Reach, Raise, Release

SCOT’s 3-stage “Slingshot” empowerment model is key to breaking the cycle of poverty that street children and orphans experience in their lives: First, we ‘Reach’ (or engage) them. Next, we ‘Raise’ (or energise) the children to aspire their dreams. Lastly, we ‘Release’ (or empower) them to develop and achieve their full potential. This model is unique in that the SCOT acts as a generator, consolidator and facilitator of resources that are all channelled to the children. More importantly, SCOT’s programmes are set up by street children themselves and run by them with guidance and encouragement of SCOT’s trustees.




The Street Children and Orphans Trust or SCOT is an independent trust that was established by West Auckland Filipino and Kiwi families in July 2009. It was founded principally to empower Asian migrant children in New Zealand and Philippine-based street children and orphans to live life abundantly.


One of its founders, Mike de Boer, is from a Dutch immigrant background raised in Palmerston North (in the Manawatu area near Wellington) who, while visiting the Philippines and adopting a Filipino child as his son in 2004, recognized a growing burden in his heart. That burden involved witnessing first-hand how so many street children and orphans were living in poverty.


Mike’s active involvement with the Auckland Chamber of Commerce to deliver the Kiwi Career Success job search course for new migrants who have just arrived in New Zealand provided an opportunity to reach out to like-minded individuals who were keen to redress the many disadvantages such children experience in their daily lives.


SCOT was thus organised to set up, among other things, poverty reducing and education intervention prog-rammes that empower New Zealand Asian migrant child-ren and Filipino street children and orphans to grow to their full potential and to live a life of abundance.


The Trust’s approach towards these outcomes deal with breaking the cycle of poverty; becoming a catalyst of positive change for the next generation and growing them to their full potential; providing a platform for a life of significance; and, employing other holistic programmes towards empowering the next generation.




SCOT has achieved some significant inroads towards realising many of its goals and is now an active organisation set up by street children, run by street children for street children.


Some of the initiatives SCOT has undertaken since its founding now involve:


  • Providing educational stationery supplies;
  • Setting up 1-year educational school scholarships;
  • Coaching and mentoring scholars to succeed;
  • Providing vocational and career training;
  • Educating families on life skills;
  • Operating feeding and food programmes;
  • Giving instruction on correct life choices;
  • Providing life skills training on goal and vision setting;
  • Providing fun based activities not able to be accessed by the young people; and,
  • Establishing a non-profit child vocational training centre.

The work of SCOT now positively impacts some 600 disadvantaged street children and orphans but that num-ber pales in comparison with thousands of others the Trust has yet to reach to make a difference in their lives. It hopes to reach that next level with your understanding and appreciation of the complex issues of poverty; the work the Trust quietly pursues to address the disadvan-tages and barriers that arise and oppress; and, your sup-port.


How To Reach Us


Office Address:

Reynella Drive, Massey 0614

Waitakere City


Contact Numbers:




SCOT Trust New Zealand | Our Slingshot Model



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