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All children, regardless of their station in life, are more powerful, more precious than any other natural resource we can have. They are a force for life and represent our future. If we give them a chance, their generation may surprise us. If we are to have faith that mankind will survive and thrive on earth, we must believe each succeeding generation will be wiser than its progenitors. We transmit to them the sum of our knowledge and ways. Their respons ibility is to use, add and transmit it to their children. Let us receive them then in reverence, feed and educate them in love, and send them forth in freedom.




A.S.K. stands for Assist a Street Kid. It is a sponsorship programme but is really perhaps the wrong word to use here. Rather, think of A.S.K as an investment in the future life of a street child. It is one that provides an opportunity for well-meaning people like you to look beyond the faceless crowd and focuses on the continued development and well-being of an individual street child or orphan under the care of SCOT Trust.


The A.S.K. programme offers you the chance to release one (or if you wish – two, three, four or more individual children) from the crushing cycle of poverty.  It is a well thought out programme that provides positive holistic solutions. It gives disadvantaged child more than just a chance to grow in the physical, emotional, social and spiritual realms to overcome his or her present situation and chal lenges. It transforms young and innocent victims into victors!


Removing obstacles to ignite the potential of street children and orphans relies on mobilising other types of resources too. In this endeavour, the SCOT Trust invites you and your friends into a partner ship through various forms of sponsorship.




We need to appreciate that each child is unique just as the circumstances from which they come from before coming under the fold of SCOT Trust. We submit that the Trust does not immediately have all the answers to breaking the cycle of poverty that each child faces so it needs to tap into your resources.


Funding support is important for the proper functioning of A.S.K. but there are other aspects of the programme that are equally important – involvement. As an active sponsor of A.S.K., we encourage introducing the SCOT Trust to your various networks and circle of friends, sharing your skills, talents and resources or being a volunteer during various events that SCOT Trust organises, ones which enable outcomes become more of a reality.


These are the other ways your contribution of self and time and those of your friends can help SCOT Trust out in such events and activities such as fundraising concerts, the annual Children’s Christmas Party; the SCOT HOPE Learning Centre or the Pinoy Pao Food Carts which teaches children life skills.




But the best part about being an active sponsor of A.S.K. is that you become the child’s significant other in their transformation and growth potential. This comes together by having a vibrant two-way re lationship where there is an exchange of photographs, letters, gifts, clothes, books and prayers.


Of course, financial assistance through sponsorship also assists your child’s material needs like food, health maintenance, school fees, books, stationery needs, footwear and clothing. Any amount of finan cial sponsorship would be most supportive. A modest NZ $25 per month sponsorship for each child launches and links you directly with breaking the cycle of poverty of that child.


Your investment in just one – maybe even more children if you wish, encourages the child you sponsor to hold on to a dream and to rise above and emerge beyond their former circumstances. The long term impact and positive outcome of your selfless acts giving to a street child or orphan is this – they turn out to be better educated inculcated with proper values and grow up prepared to assume respons ibilities in family and social life. They end up engaging their own community with more confidence and compassion for the needs of less fortunate members such as they once were. This is how whole societies and nations are transformed.


It starts with just one child … and you. It is a fantastic journey and an experience that makes a long lasting difference well beyond yourself.


Through A.S.K., we invite you and your friends to partner up with us today in this life-changing en deavour.


SCOT Trust New Zealand | Assist-A-Street-Kid Programme




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