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One Child At A Time

With past lives boxed in from all sides by poverty, children of this centre pose for the camera with thumbs up and ‘V’ for Victory signs to denote their feelings about being transformed for a better future. Denied opportunity to receive basic education what soever in the past, the Centres provide a curriculum which combines language lit eracy, numeracy, values formation, self-help and basic computer skills. The Sling shot empowerment model now allows these and many other children to grow to their full potential and to live a life of abundance.

Feeding and Nutrition Programme

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Empty Stomach, Empty Mind

Hungry children have little capacity to learn and fill up their minds. Lack of nutri tious food on a regular basis delays brain de velopment and ability to learn. When child ren do not get enough to eat, their bodies try to save the meagre amounts they get simply to keep basic body functions going. The effects of poor nutrition do not occur alone as these children also suffer from poor housing, healthcare issues, unemployed parents and weakened family and community support systems. Nutrition is just one of the many factors that need to be addressed.

Kids Tour Programme

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The Eyes Of A Child

Children learn from everything they do. They are naturally curious and want to explore and discover. If their explorations bring pleasure or success, they will want to learn more. One of SCOT’s goals is to support the development of motivation, the found ation cornerstone for optimal educational growth. Praise for an accomplishment is always appropriate but caution about the use of extrinsic rewards save one – The Kids Tour, is not one of them because SCOT understands that the world through a child’s eyes is an awesome place.

A Sponsor Meets The Children

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Singing Brings Its Own Rewards

Jose Mari Chan is a successful Filipino busi nessman in the sugar industry as he is an accomplished songwriter, singer and perfor mer who has released 13 full-length albums since 1967 with millions of fans around the world. In the USA, he was the first Filipino music artist to be given a tribute CD by American singers and composers and the only one given a Double Diamond Record award (20-million single album sales). In February 2012, he personally visited New Zealand to perform a concert in Hamilton City for benefit of SCOT NZ’s children.

The Breakfast Club NZ

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Feeding Hungry Kiwi Kids

These days, children across New Zealand are sent to school without breakfast. Over 40,000 of them turn up at school hungry. It’s a national disgrace where Government relies largely on private charities to feed these kids. A widely held view is that irres ponsible parents are to blame while tax payers counter saying “I pay my taxes and that’s enough.” Meantime, children are starving. A study reveals that it would only cost $6.7-million a year. Even in today’s weak economy that’s still pocket money for a lot of corporate sponsors and donors.

Concerts For A Cause

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Corporate Sponsors At Work

Entertainment events attracting thousands to live performances on show nights require a mix of savvy promotions, high production value and talented performers. It is an area in New Zealand’s culture that some mem bers of the growing Filipino-Kiwi Commu nity excel in and are fast making a name for themselves. Take for example the collabo ration between Filipianz Entertainment and LnX Audio Visual. Together, they bring local Kiwi audiences a taste of the world-renowned musical talents of Filipinos while supporting charities like SCOT New Zealand.

With A Little Help From Our Friends

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Every Single Dollar Counts

Kiwi generosity is in decline as charities continue to struggle for volunteers and donations. SCOT is no exception. Before the financial crisis, money came through the doors. Now charities have got to physically go out and find it. The Fundraising Institute of New Zealand says that, despite the fall, New Zealand hasn’t suffered any greater than other parts of the world. What SCOT has noticed is that people like modern things like online banking and some are quite generous with their credit cards. So SCOT has set up its own online donation page. 


Visit our Fundraising Page for more options

Community Engagement On The Web

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Inspiring Participation

Facebook, the world’s largest social net working website today, can be described as a contacts book, a people finder, and a mes saging and blogging service all rolled into one. It is the new “participatory media” where virtual communities can successfully inspire people to get active in the real world. SCOT realises how important it is to share with people the extent of work it does for disadvantaged children. As such, potential volunteers, corporate sponsors and indivi dual donors can better assess SCOT New Zealand as a worthy cause to support.

Stories In Motion

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Capturing The Vital Messages

We all live in an animated world of time, space and motion. With the evolution of the medium, video forever captures an instant of time and stores it away in the chambers of your subconscious. They are markers in the time continuum. When you remember a vi deo, you remember a piece of your life, or someone else’s. A form of expression, SCOT’s videos bring into your world stories that re flect and talk about ideas that are essential, deep, uplifting, often thought-provoking and transforming – all meant to inspire conver sation and community involvement.

Communications Planning Sessions

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A Voice For For The Voiceless

A credible charity brand comes from strong beliefs, core values and just plain hard work. Every so often, SCOT teams up with brand developer and reputation manage ment specialist Karl Quirino who donates his valuable time and expertise in many areas of communications media. He is fas cinated by how street children and orphans manage to bounce back from extreme hard ship with the intervention programmes of SCOT and believes anyone can live an ins pired life to create positive change and that the only limits in life are those we impose on ourselves.

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