Kids Tour 2012

SCOT Trust-Kids Tour 2012 Album Header Image-(1.50-sec)TO TRANSFORM SOCIETIES


Every year since April 2009 and as budgets permit, SCOT Trust New Zealand organises several Kid Tours which combine a summer outing and luncheon treat for street children and orphans who attend its Hope Training Centres in the Philippines. These ‘tours’ are all part of SCOT’s numerous programmes holistically designed to give disadvantaged children more than just a chance to grow in the physical, emotional, social and spiritual realms to overcome their present circumstances and the challenges they endure living a life of poverty. As they are transformed over time, they end up engaging their own community with more confidence and compassion for the needs of less fortunate members such as they once were. In its most basic sense, SCOT believes this is how whole societies and nations are trans formed.


Princess For A DaySCOT Kids Tour-Sample Image-01

Can I Take Your Order?SCOT Kids Tour-Sample Image-02

Is Every One Happy?SCOT Kids Tour-Sample Image-03

Uh, Can We Eat Now?SCOT Kids Tour-Sample Image-04

Hurry, Everyone Say Cheese!SCOT Kids Tour-Sample Image-05

Mike, Stop Clowning Around!SCOT Kids Tour-Sample Image-06

Where Are The Other Adults?SCOT Kids Tour-Sample Image-07

Ummm, Just Checking The Pizzas…SCOT Kids Tour-Sample Image-08

Have You Kids Had Enough?SCOT Kids Tour-Sample Image-09

Whoopee, We’re in Storyland!SCOT Kids Tour-Sample Image-10

Here’s The Rest of the Gang!SCOT Kids Tour-Sample Image-11

Oh What A Day It’s Been!SCOT Kids Tour-Sample Image-12

SCOT Trust New Zealand | Kids Tour 2012 Album



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